The Scariest Part of Being a Real Estate Investor | Feat. Julie Hoffman

Season #1

Scott Ulmer welcomes on Julie Hoffman to the Real Estate Investor's Money Matrix Podcast. Julie has transacted on over 300 deals worth over $80 million in real estate since 2001. Much like Scott, Julie got hit very hard during the 2008 recession. She was basically wiped out the the point of bankruptcy. Everything she went through turned out to be a gift, she says. Yes, bankruptcy was a gift. During those time she found creative and effective ways to stay alive as a business person, eventually evolving into her branded name "Street Smart Diva," and rebuilding another multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.  Julie's links:  ► Website:  ► LinkedIn:  Follow Scott Ulmer: ► LinkedIn: ► Facebook: ► Instagram:  ► TikTok:  #RealEstateInvesting #Entrepreneurship #EntrepreneurMotivation Scott Ulmer is a nationally recognized real estate speaker and trainer with over 24 years of experience as a real estate investor. In the Real Estate Investor's Money Matrix Podcast, Scott talks about how transitioning to non-traditional real estate investing after the 2008 collapse paved his way to financial freedom. He loves teaching people how to change their lives by understanding how to make money in real estate, and has transacted over 3,000 real estate deals.  This podcast is for Scott to share his experiences, and tap into the experiences of others in the real estate investing space.