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No Cash/No Credit Investing

  • Lifetime access to the digital course
  • Video-guided lessons by Scott Ulmer
  • The same contracts and agreements we use at Little Pink Houses of America™
  • The same seller call scripts we use
  • Seller call role play
  • BONUS: 90 day access to our DEAL HOTLINE

Subject-To Secrets

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  • What is the Subject-To Strategy?
  • How to Target Subject-To Sellers
  • What to Say to the Sellers
  • Subject-To Secrets Membership Access
  • Subject-To Contracts and Guides
  • Subject-To Workflows and Checklist
  • BONUS: Lifetime Deal HOTLINE

Virtual Cash Buying Convention


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  • How to Find Deals in a Hot Market
  • How to Fund the Deals Without Using Your Own Money
  • How to Flip out of Deals, Making the Most Money Possible
  • 12-Plus Hours of Insider Investing Strategies and Secrets
  • Unlimited Log-ins

The Encyclopedia of No Cash, No Credit Real Estate Investing 

These are the 8 best No Cash, No Credit Real Estate Investing strategies under the sun! 

The Real Estate Investor's Money Matrix Series

These courses are bite-size portions of the entire Real Estate Investor's Money Matrix home study course. We have broken out the best 8 No Cash, No Credit strategies into easy-to-digest individual courses because, while there's great value in being a jack of all trades, you can still make a lot of money by mastering just one or two of these strategies.