Simple Online Exposure Ideas for Real Estate Investors

Jan 26, 2022

Danny has put together two quick hitters on leveraging Google My Business and Facebook for your investing ventures. These tasks are simple and easy, but could really move the needle!

Tool number 1 – Google My Business

Google My business is probably the easiest way to tell the internet who you are and what you do.

Quick start guide:

  1. Fill out your business profile and get listed on google maps. GMB will send you a postcard to verify your business address.Then select and fill in the service you provide. (Real Estate Consultant)
  2. Select your hours and add photos of your business along with your logo and all pertinent contact information.
  3. Google My Business even give you a FREE website to list your business. I recommend taking advantage of this as an online business card. You can schedule and book appointments with customers, message directly with searching customers, manage your reviews and showcase special offers directly to Google through this FREE tool.

Tool number 2 – Facebook/Facebook Groups

First of all, you need to tell everyone in your sphere of influence who you are and what you do multiple times a week.

I recommend you post videos online simply telling the world who you are, what you're doing, and how to connect with you.

Also, posting any helpful information about Real Estate will help establish yourself as an authority in your circle.Ask family and friends for their business!

Facebook groups: Real Estate Investor groups in your location are excellent ways to connect with other investors and network. A lot of investors are posting deals in these Facebook groups. Go to your Facebook account, select groups, search Real Estate Investing (Your City) and join every group you can.Once you're in the group, a simple strategy is to let everyone know who you are and what you do.

I would say you have multiple choices. I tell everyone I'm a cash buyer and can close quickly, with no contingencies, and I'm looking to buy multiple properties in the next 60 days.

Another approach is to ask wholesalers for the leads that they cannot work because there isn't enough meat on the bone. Both messages should be published.

The Wholesaler message would be something like, "ATTENTION, all Wholesalers! If you're spending money generating leads and throwing a lot of those leads away because they are too close to retail prices, I want to work with you. DM me, and let's talk about how we can convert those garbage leads into cash today."

These are two simple strategies on two very easy-to-navigate and use platforms that can get you and your business a lot more online exposure, and it doesn't require a significant commitment of time or skill.

These strategies aren't building custom websites and blogging or building out a YouTube channel and creating a bunch of video content. Of course, if you can do those things GREAT, but the reality is most people can't follow through on those tasks. Those campaigns take a lot of creativity and execution before they bear any fruit.These two tasks of managing your Google My Business page and leveraging your Facebook account are both simple BUT more importantly, highly effective.I hope you guys fund this helpful. Now let's go find some deals!

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