Science says it works, but no one does it...

entrepreneur goal setting mindset multifamily investing no cash no credit investing real estate investing Nov 19, 2021

How Mindset Helped Him Recover From a $50,000,000 Loss | Feat. Rod Khleif

Scott Ulmer, the master dealmaker in No Cash, No Credit REI, met one of the leaders in multifamily investing, Rod Khleif, this week on his podcast. You'll get a lot out of this mindset-altering conversation on real estate investing and goal setting. 
The episode has even changed the way I, the producer of this podcast, wake up in the morning. 
Both Rod and Scott share the same brain on a goal-setting strategy that almost no one does, even though there's science (RAS) to prove that it works. It's such a simple change to how you do things that could make the world of difference. 
If you want to reignite the real estate investor or entrepreneur inside of you, I suggest you give this podcast a listen (or watch). It's only about 40 mins long.  

Scott Ulmer is a nationally recognized real estate speaker and trainer with over 24 years of experience as a real estate investor. In the Real Estate Investor's Money Matrix Podcast, Scott talks about how transitioning to non-traditional real estate investing after the 2008 collapse paved his way to financial freedom. He loves teaching people how to change their lives by understanding how to make money in real estate, and has done over 3,000 deals. This podcast is for Scott to share his experiences, and tap into the experiences of others in the real estate investing space. 

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