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Be Part of The Fastest Growing Non-Traditional Real Estate Business Opportunity in the Market
Little Pink Houses of America™ is on a mission to become North America's recognized leader in Lease-to-Own homes by creating 10,000 new homeowners by 2025! We need good people like you to help us achieve this mission.

Financial Success

The number one concern for our pink affiliates is your financial success. We achieve our goals when you achieve yours.

Passion and Purpose

We are passionate about what we do. We have a singular purpose: We Create Homeowners!


We feel it is very important that you feel good about the work that you're doing. In a PINK transaction, you, the  seller and the buyer all WIN!
See Why a PINK Affiliation is Right for you.
This is an amazing opportunity for people that want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Owning your very own Little Pink Houses of America™ Affiliation in your local market is is the best step to becoming a successful real estate investor. 
Joining the the PINK Family Has Changed Their Lives
Are you ready to start your path toward success?
"This family has welcomed me with open arms. The have supported me and helped me develop my understanding of the real estate industry. I have recouped my investment and became profitable with 12 months. My last deal made $36,500.00!"
Tanfen Michell
"They call me the young Maverick, with affection! I am 23 years old and took a leap of faith to join the team here at pink and I couldn't be happier. I have earned a six figure income and I'm on pace to double that this year! My last deal made $15,500.00!"
Austin Evans
"$38,000.00 in one week leading up to Christmas! I Just want to thank everyone at the Little Pink Houses of America family for all the help and support, they have been by my side at every turn of the process. My last deal made me $12,300.00"  
Nathan Sierer

Hands-On Development

Our PINK Affiliates know the value of our over 150 years of combined expertise and knowledge. Our community leverages that expertise to maximize profit in each and every deal they do.

Deal-by-Deal Strategy & Analysis

Our entire team is with you through the process of each and every deal you do, ensuring that the deals are handled with unparalleled care and support. We value the customer and our PINK community's success.

Supportive and Interactive Community

We have a vested interest in the success of our PINK Community and have worked hard to foster an atmosphere of caring and support in and out of the work place. We are looking for people that share those same core values.

Constant Innovation and Improvement

Real estate is a constantly moving target that requires INNOVATION and ACTION in order to stay at the forefront of these changes. We deliver and help implement necessary changes for each member of our PINK community.
Be In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself
If you have always wanted to be in the real estate market there is no better time than right now. Markets are hot and ever-changing, creating opportunities everywhere. 

$16,500 in Just 14 Days Without Risking Cash

Check out this video breakdown of an amazing deal our partners did in Arizona. 

This deal required NO Cash or Credit and paid huge dividends. All it takes is some persistence and know-how!

See the Good the Bad and the Ugly

We believe that an investment into yourself is an investment that will always pay off. We also know you should do your due diligence. See our Youtube channel for more client stories, and some skeptic's first hand takes on what Little Pink Houses of America's PINKAffiliate® Program did for them.

Jennifer's First Closing

Jennifer Closed her first real estate deal! 

Jennifer had Zero experience and in a very short time, she has honed her skill and leveraged Pink's support to start doing deals! 

She made an easy $5,000.00 and has been a consistent performer since this first deal closed for her. We're excited to see what's in her future!

Tanfen's Come Up!

Tanfen is lighting Atlanta on fire!
While placing over a million dollars of real estate under contract without risking a single penny!

She did all this with PINK's support and a simple repeatable process. Tan is now constantly closing deals earning life changing money!

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