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The Real Estate Investor's Money Matrix Podcast

The Real Estate Investor's Money Matrix Podcast

Hosted by: Scott Ulmer

Scott Ulmer is a nationally recognized real estate speaker and trainer with over 24 years of experience as a real estate investor. He loves teaching people how to change their lives by understanding how to make money...


The mindset of a real estate investor, will the housing market correct?

Season #1 Episode #2

Maybe money does buy happiness? In episode two of the Real Estate Investor's Money Matrix Podcast, Scott and Danny dive deep into the mindset challenges that a real estate investor may face. They each give a take on...
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I love real estate so much I went to prison for it

Season #1 Episode #1

You'll love the Real Estate Money Matrix Podcast. In episode one, Scott Ulmer, a real estate junkie who bought his first house at age 14, tells the story he admits is still hard to tell: how real estate investing...
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