F@$K Monday Morning!
Written by Daniel Mazy on March 8th, 2021
mindset is more than a buzzword

"Mindset" isn't just a buzzword.

Our mindset is the lens through which we see the world and our role in it, and it has a dramatic effect on everything we do, especially in our businesses.

Having a sales mindset means understanding the connection between the conversations you have and the sales you see down the road, and it means listening to your customers and their needs first and foremost.

Understanding that mindset should be the day's first challenge.

Once you have come to grips with the mindset needed to succeed, you need to activate that mindset with action.

Action is the catalyst that yields results!

The proper mindset and all the education in the world won't advance you unless you take action.

Here is to taking action.

If your goal is ten calls this week, take action and check it off the list...... Do It!

If you're in search of referral leads, take action, join your local REIA (real estate investor association) and meet with some wholesalers!

Whatever is on your list to accomplish, take action and accomplish it.

Don't let things cloud your vision and get in the way.

  • Here is to changing your mindset!
  • Here is to changing that Monday feeling!.
  • ​Here is to taking the bull by the horns and making it happen no matter what challenges present themselves today.

About Author: Daniel Mazy

Daniel is the Lead Blog Contributor and is also Little Pink Houses of America's COO.
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