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"How to Find Financial Freedom Through a Complete Real Estate Business"

Presented by: Scott Ulmer

Founder- Little Pink Houses of America, 26-Year Real Estate Investing History, Over 3,000 Deals and Raised Over $100M of Private Money.

"Warren Buffett says when everyone's running away you should be running to. The market is shifting and anyone who understands that understands there's opportunities forthcoming and they're really and truly has never been a better time to be in real estate and be prepared for what's ahead of us."

3 Biggest Take-Aways From This Training


Takeaway No.1

Being a One-Trick Pony in the Real Estate Investing World is the Fast Track to Missing Opportunities and Quitting on Your Dream. You Need to Be the Complete Investor.

Takeaway No.2

You Never Need to Spend Your Own Money to Buy and Sell Real Estate. In Fact, We Are Going to Teach You Why You Should Never Use Your Own Money.

Takeaway No.3

Income Properties Will Change Your Life and AGAIN, You Don't Need to Risk Your Cash to Buy Them.

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