Attention: Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs, Start YOUR Business Today! Call 904-500-7465

Attention: Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs, Start YOUR Business Today Call 904-500-7465

You're Not alone

Everyone Wants to Be in real estate!
95% of America's wealthy class became so, through Real Estate! 

The best time to get into Real Estate is 5 years ago. The second best time is Right Now.

The Real Estate Market has NEVER been hotter, and for Investors who know what to do and how to do it.... the current climate is a GOLD Rush!

And with our PINK Affiliate Program you WON'T have to pan for the GOLD by yourself! 

A 5-Star process to Helping YOU successfully create wealth through Real Estate
We Strive to Deliver a 5-Star Experience
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson
WHAT is A PINK Affiliate?
listen to 3rd party skeptic and owner at VIP Financial Matthew Pillmore, investigate our business model and hear some great customer experiences of our National Affiliates.
The Good The Bad and The Ugly on Lease Purchase as a Real Estate Investing Strategy

$16,500 in Just 14 Days Without Risking Cash

Check out this video breakdown of an amazing deal our partners did in Arizona. 

This deal required NO Cash or Credit and paid huge dividends. All it takes is some persistence and know how!

Jennifer's First Closing

Jennifer Closed her first Real Estate deal! 

Jennifer had Zero experience and in a very short time, she has honed her skill and leveraged Pink's support to start doing deals! 

She made an easy $5,000.00 and has been a consistent performer since this first deal closed for her. We're excited to see what's in her future!

Tanfen's Come Up!

Tanfen is lighting Atlanta on fire!
While placing over a million dollars of real estate under contract without risking a single penny!

She did all this with PINK's support and a simple repeatable process. Tan is now constantly closing deals earning life changing money!

Learn What PINK can do for you! 
Like we said at the top of the page, the Real Estate Market is a GOLD Rush awaiting YOU!

We are here to help show you the opportunities and take full advantage of YOUR new advantage! 

Be in business for yourself, BUT NOT BY YOURSELF. 


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Let's have a conversation and see if our business model is something that will work for you. 
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